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ALU-ALU Blister Packing Machine

  • Model:KDB-240ALU
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Product Introduction

In order to preserve medicine longer based on KDB-240 (PVC/ALU) machine structure Kwang Dah specially develop double line KDB-120ALU (ALU/ALU) capable to produce PVC/ALU and ALU/ALU blister both. 

By Cold Forming way enforce aluminum film draw extension in pressing mold then formed 
aluminum pocket. 

Due to aluminum characteristic it will keep contamination away from aluminum pocket, isolate Oxygen and humidity and avoid direct sunlight affect, keep medicine shelf life longer. 

This compact size machine with all functions, starting from smooth Cold Forming, Pin Hole detect, Auto feeding, Missing detect, Rotary Sealing, Coding, Perforation, Trimming, Blister Transfer, offering user automatic production process. 

KDB-240ALU can produce PVC/ALU and ALU/ALU both. In addition, 
It can work with other materials like PVC, PVDC, PP, PET…etc.

Max. Capacity: 200 Blisters/Minute



Cross-net type sealing  (Rotary type sealing) : 
Due to crossed net sealing is capable of blocking the air completely and prolonging medicine preservation about 4 times over plate type sealing.
The cross-net sealing is composed of two rollers compressed in a single line with a instantaneously contact area preventing high temperature getting into the blister pockets, will not affect medicine characteristic.


Dot type (plate-type):
Plate type uses dot-type sealing:air gets into the medicine where there aren't dots and thus shortens expiration.
Since the sealing area is larger and sealing time longer, during the sealing process, hot air easily gets into the blister pockets. This decreases the effectiveness of the medicine.

The machine adopts a no waste cut method, so no wasted material is produced. It can save about 1/5 of material compared to traditional types.

Plate-type of triming wastes about 3-5 mm of material between two blister and increases cost at the same time.

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