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Aseptic Filling, Stoppering & Closing Machine (Vial / Eye-Drop)

  • Model:KDL-980EU
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Product Introduction

Kwang Dah accumulated a lot of producing experience in liquid filling, stoppering & closing machine for many years. We developed the In-Line Aseptic Preparation Machine which is designed for vials & eye-drops.

It can be equipped with unscrambler, nitrogen filling, liquid filling, stoppering, pre-closing, & closing machine become a complete In-Line eye drop processing machine.

It also can equipped with turn table, nitrogen filling, liquid filling, rubber stoppering & aluminum cap closing machine become a complete In-Line vials processing machine.


In accordance with PIC/S GMP & Aseptic Preparation requirements, machine using many high precision servo controllers & combined PLC & HMI for production operation & adjustment, therefore“ONE TOUCH” will automatically adjust the conditions of production during production operation or adjusting, it is a user-friendly with high-efficiency machines.