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Semi-Automatic Cartoner Machine

  • Model:KDM-300
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Product Introduction


The KDM-300 is an intermittent vertical cartoner that automatically open/fold cartons, manual insertion of products into the carton and automatically closes the carton.

This cartoner can handle wide range of cartons to accept various bottles, blisters, pouches, sachets, tubes, etc.

Hot-Melt Glue Sealing Cartoner is available under Model: KDM-300H

Max. Capacity: 60 Cartons/Minute.



  1. Small footprint is ideal for space sensitive operations.
  2. User friendly design requires only one operature.
  3. Tooling change-over can be completed in 20 minutes or less.
  4. Simplified engineering design allows for ease of maintenance.
  5. Constructed with materials that meet cG.M.P.
  6. Safety guarding.
  7. Speed regulation by means of a inverter.
  8. Using vacuum pump to accurate open carton.
  9. High precision index provide of accurate intermittent operation station.
  10. Torque limiter - preventing starwheel from colliding.



KDM-300H-Hot-melt-Glue-Sealing-Cartoning-Machine .mp4

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